The King of the Delta Blues

maxresdefaultHe was known as the king of the delta blues, and his songs have been covered by just about anyone calling themselves a blues singer, yet his career only lasted a few years and he never made any real money from his songs. But that famous deal that he is said to have made with the devil down at the crossroads has given us a massive library of the most iconic blues performances of all time and has influenced just about anyone and everyone that calls themselves a blues player.

Robert Johnson… this week on Blues Routes… your weekly trip to the delta.

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Music included in this episode
Unless otherwise noted, all music by Robert Johnson

Act OneRobertJohson
Sweet Home Chicago
Terraplane Blues
Stones In My Passway
When You Got A Good Friend
Death Letter Blues – Son House
Ramblin’ On My Mind
Kindhearted Woman Blues
They’re Red Hot

Act Two
Crossroad Blues
I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom
Phonograph Blues
Terraplane Blues
32-20 Blues
Honeymoon Blues
If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day

Act Three
Drunken Hearted Man
Hellhound On My Trail
Preachin’ Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)
Walkin’ Blues
Crossroad Blues – John Hammond
Crossroads – Cream
Love In Vain – The Rolling Stones
If I Had Possession of Judgement Day – Eric Clapton